I am the frustrated owner of a highly priced HP TouchSmart 600-1050 with Windows 7 (Touchscreen) and an Officejet 6500 All-In-One wireless. This will be the last time that I touch HP with a 10 foot pole! Please read on.

Every few days my HP computer deletes the driver for it’s printer. Poof gone! Reload sucker! Looking through documentation online, I found on the appropriate driver page they had a fix for my described problem. Cool let’s do it! Uh-oh the install fails with the error “will not work with your system”. And upon calling tech support no one would admit to knowing anything about the issue. Please read on……

OK as it seemed to be a known driver problem, I called printer support first asking to pay for support. “Pay sir they asked? – Well first we need to hear the problem. OK – I give them the skinny, details, and sob story and they say “we are not aware of any problem here, we will not take your money and you must call HP for computer support as it is their problem.”

OK – so I call HP computer support who must use a recording of the driver support system in India who says “we see no problems listed here – it is a printer problem you must call them.”

Ah purgatory, what a frustrating place to be. Where am I now? I have now called both sides 3 times asking to speak to a supervisor. After 15 minutes of their forcing me to again and again disclose the problem, they try to send me away and then grudgingly take my phone number stating that a supervisor will call me in a day or so.

Would you be surprised to hear that after 6 supervisor requests, 3 to each department, NO ONE has ever responded?

So what have I learned here?


HP wireless printers seem to have a big problem

HP Pavilion Computers seem to have a big problem communicating with their own wireless printers.

HP support does not care anymore

Hey – if anyone has any ideas could you please email me at